Jet skis are a nice way for folks to enjoy a little recreation time on the water, but what if they want to share that time with friends? Boats built to have jet skis docked to the rear and propel them through the water are one way of adding some extra carrying capacity. The latest model from Dockitjet does this with a decidedly agile footprint, whether in action or stowed on the rear of a jet ski for easy transport.

PWC-dockable watercraft have been around for decades, but the Dockitjet's Rigid Inflatable Boat way back in 2007 was a departure from the typical fiberglass designs favored by others in the space.

The company is still tinkering away and has now returned with a smaller version, measuring just 3.7 m (12.5 ft) for a little more maneuverability on the water. While a good two meters (6.5 ft) shorter than that earlier model, the fully inflatable boat still has enough space for six people and can skim across the surface at up to 40 km/h (25 mph).

Conveniently, the inflatable boat can be flatpacked and strapped to the rear of a jetski for easy transport out to the water. It's designed to accommodate any model of jet ski and the docking process is said to take just minutes once inflated. Alternatively, the boat can be fitted with an outboard motor for a more traditional means of propulsion.

Like with its previous offerings, DockitJet is on the hunt for international licensees to distribute its latest watercraft, with more information available via its website below. The following video shows the inflatable boat in action.

Source: Dockitjet

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