March 17, 2007 The concept of using a jetski to power a larger watercraft was pioneered back in the early nineties and has yielded a stunning array of versatile PWC-dockable watercraft such as the Shuttlecraft, Windjet, Jetmate and Jetmaster, but the idea has been taken in a different direction with this inventive PWC-dockable Rigid Inflatable Boat. Instead of going with fibreglass structures driven by one and quite ingeniously two synchronised jet skis, the Dockitjet utilises an unsinkable RIB for a fast, lightweight, very stable and incredibly practical watercraft capable of carrying six people plus all their gear quite comfortably. Available in two sizes (5.0 meters and 5.6 meters), you can dock and undock the PWC of your choice in minutes and have the best of both worlds. Videos here and licensing enquiries here.

The Dockitjet RIB is safe and stable in chop, will keep your passengers dry and it’s very spacious, making it an ideal platform for fishing, diving or mooring in an idyllic location for lunch and watersports with the undocked jetski.

You can also trailer both your Dockitjet RIB and PWC as one unit on the custom-made trailer. Without the PWC, the Dockitjet RIB weighs just 160kg (350 pounds).

Dockitjet’s Steve Marshall is seeking international distributors and licensees for his very clever concept.

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