Dodge SRT-10 500BHP Pick-up

Dodge SRT-10 500BHP Pick-up
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When Dodge USA decided to spice up its pick-up range, it didn't need to look past the motor of the Dodge Viper - the new RAM SRT-10 now has an engine-bay full of brutal 8.3 litre V10 Viper motor giving it the largest engine in a factory pickup truck and a pick-up billed by Dodge as the "boldest, baddest and fastest pick-up truck in the world."

"Providing an estimated 500 horsepower and 500 lb.-ft. of torque just like its Viper soul mate, the Dodge Ram SRT-10's power is channelled through a Viper six-speed manual transmission that connects to a modified differential and new drive shaft.

The Ram SRT-10 will accelerate to 100km/h in under 5.0 seconds and deliver an estimated top speed of 150 mph. More impressively, Ram SRT-10 will run the 0-100-0 mph dash in an estimated 18 seconds - make sure you secure that load!

Keeping all this power in check is modified rack and pinion steering and independent front suspension from the 2002 Dodge Ram, which set new handling standards for full-size pickups. Blessed with the stiffest frame in Ram history, the Ram SRT-10 makes the most of its exclusive 24-inch wheels and 305/35 R24 high-performance tires, pulling an estimated 0.92 g's on the skid pad and hitting almost 70 mph on the slalom. A recalibrated, quick-ratio power steering unit enhances steering feel.

The Ram SRT-10's handling is enhanced by the addition of performance-tuned springs and shocks, a rear sway bar and an inch-lower ride height. Bringing the Ram SRT-10 to a halt are four-wheel disc Viper brakes, equipped with standard ABS. Fascia-mounted, faired-in brake ducts aid cooling.

The exterior appearance of the Dodge Ram SRT-10 imparts an almost sinister demeanor with a design that blends the bold, "big-rig" look of the 2002 Dodge Ram with performance styling cues that hint at the extra muscle behind its signature cross-hair grille. It's understated "muscle truck" exterior sends a quiet yet unmistakable message that the Ram SRT-10 owns the fast lane.

Available in black or red only, the crisp lines of the Dodge Ram SRT-10 provide a look of machined elegance with a lower and an even bolder stance than the standard Ram. The new front fascia, hood with integrated air intake, billet grille, one-inch lower ride height and ground-effect moldings provide plenty of "hunkered down" attitude even before the ignition key is turned. From the side, Ram SRT-10 is distinguished by an aluminum fuel filler, SRT-10 badging and red Viper brake calipers visible behind the 24-inch wheels. A bed-mounted hard tonneau, spoiler and custom rear fascia with cutouts for dual exhausts provide the view for the majority of the motoring public.

"The front end of the SRT-10 combines the new Ram styling cues we created for the 2002 Dodge Ram and adds an extra boost of visual power," said Rick Aneiros, Vice President, Jeep/Truck Color and Trim design. "Yet there is a slightly understated air about the SRT-10, especially considering its performance potential. But as powerful as the overall theme of the Ram SRT-10 is, we were determined not to make this another boy racer truck."

"Its true identity is found in the details," added Aneiros. "A glimpse of the red Viper brake calipers behind massive 24-inch wheels, the mesh grille covering the air intakes, or even the lowered stance. All of these convey power without shouting it. This truck doesn't have to yell to be heard."

Inside, red-piped leather and carbon fiber-look accents complement the performance attitude established by the SRT-10's outward appearance. Silver-faced gauges with Viper font and graphics have an appropriately recalibrated speedometer and tachometer to accommodate the SRT-10's visceral performance. The best-in-class interior space is maintained from the standard Ram.

"We wanted to capture the feel of a sports car without sacrificing the safety, utility and luxury afforded by the standard 2002 Dodge Ram," said Mark Trostle, Design Manager, Truck Exterior and Interior Studios. "The carbon fiber-look leather steering wheel and shift boot, satin chrome center console and interior door handles and the unique door trim panels differentiate the SRT-10 from the standard Ram and create an environment that enhances the sport/performance feel of this truck."

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