You might rely on your morning or afternoon coffee fix from the office machine to get you through the day, but are you willing to dance or jump for it? You may have to, if the "BeMoved" coffee machine concept from Douwe Egbert takes off. This machine may well be the world’s first coffee machine that is operated by movement alone. Yep, looks like you are going to expend some energy in order to get your morning hit.

The BeMoved coffee machine concept may be used either by the touch screen, or by using a motion sensitive camera. It could feature a number of user-friendly devices such as a “drag and drop” feature where you might add the ingredients for your coffee of choice. Or you may use the “explore” feature which might see you discovering your coffee in a living tree.

You might have to earn your coffee by literally jumping up and down, or once the machine is programmed to your preferences, “picture” your ideal coffee.

If this all sounds too hard, you may be heartened by the fact that you could check the latest news, share prices, real-time traffic jams or weather forecast while you wait for your morning brew. And, an added sweetener for all that hard work, you could opt to add different flavors, such as caramel or hazelnut.

Developed by a small team at the Research & Development department in Utrecht, the Douwe Egbert BeMoved concept is not necessarily intended for market release, but there are aspects of its design and users’ experiences that will be considered for coffee machines of the future.

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