The so-called "Jailbreak Dream Team" - which includes members of both the Chronic-Dev Team and iPhone Dev Team camps - has released a new iteration of the Absinthe Jailbreak tool that boasts the ability to Jailbreak almost every fully updated iOS device out there without the need for SHSH blobs, tethered booting, or any other complex hacks.

The just released Absinthe 2.0.1 enables iOS 5.1.1 users to Jailbreak most iOS-based devices, the only exceptions being the third-generation Apple TV and iPad 2,4 - though support for the latter device is said to be coming soon. Before jumping down that rabbit hole, be sure to backup first and proceed at your own risk, though we had the opportunity to test Absinthe’s prowess on both an iPad 2 and iPhone 4, each running iOS 5.1.1 and found the process to be painless.

Mac, Windows and Linux users each have a respective version available and it is also likely that the Dev-Team will be updating their popular Redsn0w application to make use of this latest method soon.

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