Graffiti-painting drone could soon be yours

Graffiti-painting drone could ...
The Katsuru Beta drone, seen here in prototype form
The Katsuru Beta drone, seen here in prototype form
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The Katsuru Beta drone, seen here in prototype form
The Katsuru Beta drone, seen here in prototype form

A couple of years ago, we heard how New York artist Katsu was using a modified DJI quadcopter to spray-paint graffiti on high, difficult-to-reach surfaces. In a move that likely won't be welcomed by everyone, he's now developed a consumer graffiti drone, that's available to the general public.

Known as the Katsuru Beta, the limited-edition quadcopter was designed via a collaboration between Katsu and Moscow-based Tsuru Robotics.

When the drone isn't in use, its four propeller arms fold inwards, making it easier to transport. A central receptacle accommodates third-party standard-size spray paint cans, which are activated using an included radio remote control unit. One charge of the copter's battery should be good for a claimed 10 minutes of flight time.

The aircraft will initially be semi-autonomous, meaning that although users will have to manually control where it goes and when it sprays, it will automatically maintain a set distance from walls. That said, plans call for a firmware upgrade to be offered late next year, which will make the drone fully autonomous.

If you're interested in pre-ordering a Katsuru Beta of your own (with a case that's hand-signed by Katsu himself), you have to be over 18 years old – and willing to part with US$2,499. Shipping should take place in June 2020.

Source: Katsuru

This is some f***** up idea. Imagine if the highway signs, your home, buildings, and even the mountains are painted using such graffiti-painting drones.
I'm not much into banning things. This should be.
haha such vitriol... i would paint banksy on every visible surface....
as with just about everything ever invented it can be put to good use and bad use