Drought-beating waterless car wash wipes named Car Care Product of the Year

Drought-beating waterless car wash wipes named Car Care Product of the Year
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July 23, 2007 Last year saw the United Kingdom experiencing its worst drought in over 100 years, and the associated water-saving bans on the use of garden hoses and home car washing forced proud British car owners to look for new ways to keep their vehicles clean and shiny. Armor All’s Clean and Shine Wipes - tough cleaning cloths impregnated with detergents, waxes and silicones - emerged as a very cheap and effective alternative to the bucket and hose. In fact, the cheap, waterless interior/exterior wipes have proven so convenient and quick to use that many time-starved Britons have stuck with them even now that their water restrictions have been lifted. For providing such an excellent solution to the water restriction problem, and for delivering precious hours back to car owners by condensing the cleaning, waxing and polishing processes into one simple step, the wipes have just been named Auto Express magazine’s Car Care Product of the Year.

Clean & Shine Wipes, the latest generation waterless car wash product from Armor All, has been declared the UK’s top car care product for 2007 by Auto Express magazine in its annual Product Awards - an endorsement of its value to the nation’s time-challenged motorists. The wipes were launched in the USA in 2000, but were not released in the UK until 2005.

Designed for use when the paintwork of one’s pride-and-joy is grimy but not dirty enough to get out a hose, bucket or sponge, Armor All Clean & Shine Wipes have proven popular for all-over one-step cleaning. Being handily packed in a 5-wipe self-seal pouch, they’re also easy to carry around in the glove box for when feathered friends pay your car a visit.

With no rinsing or drying required, the award-winning wipes clean, shine and protect the car to a professional finish, incorporating natural waxes and silicones to leave a high gloss protective shine after each use. Washing, waxing and polishing the car in one simple step has taken an arduous, messy task and condensed it into a very quick, simple routine that requires no water.

Armor All Clean & Shine Wipes is one of a range of nine specially-formulated wipes from the car care market leader, tailor-made for rapid, no fuss, no mess usage on every surface of the car, inside and out. Typical selling price for Clean & Shine Wipes is UK£2.99 for 5 wipes.

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