Many guitarists are also gear-head collectors and will likely have more than a few instruments lying about in a spare room, basement studio or loft conversion. The tidier among us may even have our most-used axes lined up and ready to rock in a guitar rack. But a rack in the living room? Unlikely. However, DRS Racks' modular storage system may just be attractive and practical enough to take center stage in the home's main living space.

The DRS Racks system comes in two flavors, the Alpha and the Bravo. The "furniture grade" racks are shipped flat-packed and assembled in the home using a single included Allen wrench. They're both constructed using strong, solid, environmentally-sustainable bamboo and a padded base When assembled, they're freestanding and don't require any unsightly anchoring.

The modular, stackable storage system has been designed to give players a few placement options. The Alpha ground unit can hold up to seven instruments and is priced at US$399. The Bravo rack is described as the unit that makes the system modular. It too takes up to seven bass, acoustic or electric guitars but features four pins to allow the Alpha unit to be positioned on top. The Bravo is priced at $499.

Those with more horizontal living room space could opt for multiple ground units, but those graced with high ceilings could choose to stack instead. A combined A/B rack can also be purchased for $799.

As good-looking and functional as the DRS Racks units are, I'm not sure I could convince my significant other that the living room is the best place for my own small collection of wood and metal. Worth a try though ...

Source: DRS Racks

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