When most people think of supercars, their minds tend to jump instantly to Italy or Germany, both of which have a history of creating cars that blend beauty and power. But what about Spain? If DSD Design gets its way, the European establishment could soon be faced with a new foe in the form of the Spanish-designed and built Boreas.

The DSD Design name might not mean much in the motoring world, but the Boreas moniker is steeped in history. Described by DSD as the "black-winged personification of the cold north wind," Boreas was the Greek god of winter. He had winged feet and a violent temper in god form, but is also said to have fathered 12 colts during a stint as a stallion. Apparently the colts were the "finest of their kind... and able to run across a field of grain without trampling the plants."

Although details are scant at the moment (and we don't know about its plant-trampling characteristics), the Boreas hypercar looks promising on paper. Just like the "holy trinity" from Porsche, Ferrari and McLaren, it's powered by a hybrid setup good for close to 400 km/h (249 mph) at full noise. The 100 km/h (62 mph) sprint is, if the manufacturer claims are to be believed, dispatched in just 2.8 seconds.

When you aren't chasing lap times or crazy acceleration figures, DSD is promising upwards of 100 km (62 mi) of pure electric driving. Power will be put to the road through a seven-speed gearbox, with software to manage torque between the gasoline-driven rear wheels and electric-driven front wheels.

Very little mention has been made of aerodynamics or suspension, but both will be designed in-house. We do know the car will have a 2,742 mm (108 in) wheelbase, similar to that of the current 911, but no figures about overall length or width have been quoted. It certainly looks mean, if that counts for anything.

Just 12 examples will be built, and DSD is promising to cater for both left- and right-hand drive markets. No pricing details have been announced, but expect to pay plenty for the privilege of riding this four-wheel deity. Check out the launch video below.

Source: DSD Design

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