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Dulux PaintPod promises fast, fuss-free, mess-free painting

Dulux PaintPod promises fast, ...
Dulux PaintPod
Dulux PaintPod
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Dulux PaintPod
Dulux PaintPod

August 11, 2008 If there’s a phrase guaranteed to give you that sinking feeling, it’s “Honey, I think it’s time we re-painted the dining room”. But don’t kiss your weekend good-bye, the Dulux PaintPod is a revolutionary product that will allow you to get a room painted quickly, without drips or ruined carpets and still have time to watch the game.

Painting with a roller certainly makes things easier but the main gripe is that you have to constantly re-fill the tray and inevitably climb down a ladder to do so. The PaintPod is unique because you simply pre-load an emulsion pack filled with paint on to the main unit which is mains-powered. You won’t have to refill the paint tray or re-load the roller, you simply squeeze the trigger and within thirty seconds, a measured amount of paint is released on to the roller. As the paint delivery tube extends to four meters you won’t have to keep climbing up and down a ladder an there's an integrated cleaning system which will clean both the roller sleeve and the PaintPod unit in just ten minutes.

The PaintPod is about the same size as a small vacuum cleaner and accessories including an extra reach handle, an edging brush which helps you get into tight spaces around doors and windows and a 2 meter extension tube, are available from local paint retailers.

The PaintPod was released in April in the UK and will set you back GBP70 (approx. USD$135 at time of publication) and the paint packs retail between GBP 20 (approx. USD$40) GBP 30 (approx. USD$60). There's an video summary of the system at the Dulux UK site.

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