Time may be constant, but our perception of it is constantly changing. If you're happy and having fun, it tends to pass more quickly than if you're miserable and suffering. Time has also been shown to pass more quickly for older people than younger generations. Wearing a wristwatch doesn't necessarily help us become more aware of the passing of time, but wearing Durr may well do ... By stretching our preconceived ideas of what constitutes a timepiece.

Durr is a faceless watch which does nothing but vibrate every five minutes. The idea of this unisex bracelet is to play with our perception of time, reminding us that it is constantly moving forward, unchanging and unswerving. By feeling the shivers on your wrist every five minutes, you receive haptic feedback that cannot help but make you more more conscious of how time passes differently depending on a number of factors.

Durr features a body and fastening clip (available in five different colors) both made from hand-dyed polyamide, with the strap made from laser-cut vegetanned leather. The vibration is powered by a replaceable battery that will last up to two months. The gap between each vibration is set to five minutes and cannot be changed, though Skrekkøgle tested different intervals before settling on this unit of time.

The initial run of 50 Durr bracelets have all been sold, but Skrekkøgle is planning a second run. Interested buyers are invited to register for email notifications when pre-orders are being taken. Potential manufacturing partners are also being sought. Each Durr bracelet sold from the first batch was priced at €90 (approx US$120), but a bigger production run could bring the price down.

Durr could, conceivably, help you become more productive, reminding you that time is pressing on, and therefore preventing you from procrastinating. Or it could remind you how fleeting our time on Earth is, encouraging you to live a fuller life. Both of which are positives.

The video below shows what the makers of Durr had in mind when they conceived of the device.

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