The turntable continues to be relevant in a market dominated by digital media, as little can compare with a good slab of vinyl in the minds of many music aficionados. However, the Dyskograf by arts collective Avoka takes this venerable format and injects a modern twist, producing a turntable installation which enables you to draw your own beats in real time.

The Dyskograf was created in order to lend a tangible experience to the act of creating music – a notion which can certainly become muddled in the current era of flexible music software capable of replicating real instruments with the click of a mouse.

The setup comprises a turntable complete with the usual speed and playback settings. A graphic disk reader takes the place of a stylus, and instead of a vinyl record, there’s a blank surface with which visitors to the installation are encouraged to draw upon.

In operation, the system appears to work a lot like a rudimentary sequencer, and in the video below it’s used to great effect. It would certainly be interesting to hear what could be done with a few units used simultaneously in a live performance setting.

The Dyskograf is set to appear in Paris on November 16 and 17, as part of Festival Visiosonic, check out the video below to see it in action.

Source: Avoka via Hack A Day

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