The Dyson Air Multiplier fan released late last year has some new stablemates. The company's expanded range includes a larger diameter table fan, a tower fan and a pedestal model. None of the offerings in the range come cheap, but they all include the distinctive bladeless design that Dyson says delivers better airflow as well as making them safer for curious little fingers and easier to clean than their bladed counterparts.

Dyson’s Air Multiplier fans drag air in via a brushless motor in the base and accelerate it through the ring at the top to release a steady stream of air, in contrast to the buffeting you get from conventional fans that chop the air. The power of the airflow is adjustable using a dimmer-switch control, while the fans pivot on their own center of gravity to allow the fans to be tilted with the touch of a finger.

Joining the original 10-inch table fan which retails for US$299.99 is a 12-inch table fan (US$329.99), an elongated tower fan that stands 39.65-inches tall (US$449.99), and a pedestal fan whose height can be adjusted from 46.77 to 55.43-inches (US$499.99). The 10 and 12-inch table fans are available now, with the tower and pedestal fans to be released in the near future.