Carbon Fiber is unquestionably a wonder substance, being used to construct the world’s fastest and most expensive race cars and bikes, not to mention a host of other items where light weight, strength and stiffness are more important than cost. So when we first saw the pics of the Dyson D26 Carbon Fibre vacuum, we figured it was a lightweight vacuum cleaner – no, the wonder substance is actually used for its anti-static qualities and is used in the fibres on the brushbar and is claimed to be a significant improvement in picking up fine dust particles and allergens.

To be fair, the Dyson DC26 doesn’t need to be any lighter – at just six kilograms, and with the footprint of an A4 sheet of paper, it’s a great tool for those who live in compact places. The DC26 Carbon Fibre will go on sale in October for a price of EUR469 and there’s a DC26 Allergy Parquet at EUR429 for cleaning delicate floor surfaces.

Both new cleaners use a soft suede bumper on the vacuum head to avoid scratching or denting delicate furniture.

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