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Dyson 'telescope' vacuum designed for compact living

Dyson 'telescope' vacuum desig...
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Easy grip and storage
Easy grip and storage
Designed for compactmodern living
Designed for compact
modern living
Turbine Head
Turbine Head
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November 29, 2004 The Dyson DC08 'telescope' vacuum cleaner is a new addition to the ranks of innovative household appliances that cater for compact living in urban environments. Traditionally, barrel vacuum cleaners have come with bulky wands and unwieldy hoses which are cumbersome to carry and store. The DC08 features a fully telescopic wand that reduces to a quarter of its size and clips onto the machine, while the hose wraps neatly around the body for easy storage.

The matching of appliance design to shifting social trends is a development that Dyson has been closely monitoring. "Dyson are committed to developing new and innovative technology," said Ross Cameron, managing director of Dyson Australia. "Dyson invests over 17% of turnover into research and development of new technologies and design innovations that improve on existing offerings."

The Dyson system works by spinning air at high speed. Dirt and dust are thrown out of the airflow and collected in the bin, not on filters or bags, so it doesn't clog and lose suction as it picks up more dirt. The constant suction means more dirt, dust and debris are removed from the carpet and retained in the clear bin rather than left in the carpet pile, surfaces or grooves in the flooring.

Another tweak to the traditional vacuum design is the Turbine Head, which can be switched on and off depending on floor types to give a better pick up and higher efficiency as well as being easy to clean and use. The Turbine Head has a sealed turbine mechanism driven by clean air, which keeps the airways clean for greater reliability.

The Dyson DC08 retails for AUD$899 and is available from

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