A lot of people try to lessen the load on the local landfill by putting their organic waste in a compost heap, but soon there may be something else they can do with it – feed it to an E-Fuel MicroFusion Reactor. The new device, so we’re told, takes cellulosic waste material and breaks it down to nothing but sugar water and lignin powder within two minutes. The lignin powder can be used by pharmaceutical manufacturers (although it’s not clear how you’d get it to them), while the sugar water can be distilled into ethanol fuel. That’s where one of E-Fuel’s other products, the MicroFueler, comes in.

Aimed at both home users and businesses, the MicroFueler has been around since 2009. It distills sugar water obtained from organic waste into ready-to-use E-Fuel100 ethanol, which it can pump right into your car. You could also use the fuel in a generator, to provide household electricity. Unlike other ethanol production processes, the MicroFueler does not involve combustion, so is reportedly safe. While it can directly process sugar-rich liquids such as waste alcohol, it needs help breaking down cellulosic materials such as vegetable matter and wood... hence the need for prior processing by the MicroFusion Reactor.

E-Fuel appears to be holding off on releasing more information on the Reactor (including photos) until the product financing is in place.

In the meantime, should you be interested in the MicroFueler, you can purchase one from the company for US$9,995, plus at least $1,995 for a fuel tank. A $9.95 monthly network subscription fee is also required.