Sound systems in clubs, pubs and music venues are regularly pushed to obscene levels, requiring conversations to be held at a shouting volume, and often leaving attendees with a ringing sound in their ears indicative of permanent hearing damage. Designer Shing Lo has an ingenious solution that means you will never leave home without ear protection.

The RNID earplugs are a credit-card sized device that fits in your wallet, so you're only three steps away from a usable set of earplugs in an emergency. They can apparently be folded back up and used multiple times, but to be honest we'd like to see someone do that in a dark environment without losing at least one of the several pieces.

The design isn't perfect, as you're left with an inch or so of plastic hanging out of your ear, but for musicians, sound engineers and party goers who are likely to find themselves in situations where the only other option is hearing damage, this one is a no brainer.

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