If you’re tired of clumsily (and dangerously) reaching over and around the back of your component rack to reconfigure your AV stack or plug in that loose cable, Avrak has a range of racks that revolve 360° to easily expose the rear of the component stack, saving your back and removing the risk of cross-wiring expensive AV equipment.

Avrak says its products have been specifically designed for home entertainment and home automation use and are not commercial products that have been adapted for home use.

Avrak has two basic types of systems – free-standing and built-in. Both types of units come with fully adjustable shelves that slide forward (up to 19 inches) and freely rotate to expose the rear of the components for easy reconfiguration or disconnection, etc.

The infinitely adjustable shelves have bolts that stay locked in place where you want them and wire management anchors are provided on the back of each shelf to secure wiring.

The range includes a variety of sizes (or can be custom built) as well as side-by-side and single configurations up to 72 inches. For consumers whose home theaters lack vertical space, the Fatrak is a 36-inch side by side rack designed for consumers which a lot of gear and not much vertical space. It slides forward and rotates just like the single stack units.

Racks are rated from 150lb up to 450lb.

Shelves/racks come with a number of options including cooling ducts, DVD/CD drawers, a special turntable pull-out, larger/deeper shelves, a cable management kit and casters for added mobility.

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