Unless you carry your clubs around yourself, a round of golf is often bookended with a clumsy assemblage and dismantling of a buggy's wheels, handles and axles. But for California-based GolferPal, this isn't the most ideal way to warm up or warm down – so the company has created a motorized golf buggy that does the work for you.

The EasyPal is a nice-looking golf trolley in its own right. With a soft rubber handle and aluminum frame, GolferPal bills its buggy as an ergonomic solution that evenly bears the weight of your bag across its four 10.75-inch wheels for easy steering.

But its point of difference is a 12-volt lithium battery that powers an electrical motor. This enables the buggy to go from its 48 x 24 x 42-in size to a compact 26.4 x 15.75 x 11.75 inches within around 10 seconds, with a single push of a button (you will still need to push it around yourself). Each charge of the battery should last 20 rounds of golf, with each recharge taking around three hours.

There's also some rather handy, but more typical, features like holders for storing an umbrella, tees, spare balls and drinks. And if the battery does happen to run out while you're out strolling the fairways, it can always be folded up manually when you return to your car.

The EasyPal is priced at US$300 and can be seen in action in the promotional video below.

Source: GolferPal

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