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UPDATE: econogo launches the 1500w electric yogo scooter

UPDATE: econogo launches the 1500w electric yogo scooter
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British company econogo has launched the yogo, the first electric scooter that uses a fully detachable and portable lithium battery. Traditionally, electric two-wheelers in the UK have used impractical fixed silicon batteries which require the owner to run an extension lead from a mains electricity socket to the vehicle’s integrated battery. yogo owners can remove and charge the two LiFePO4 batteries inside an hour. Two spare batteries offer the option of an instantaneous swap for a further 44 miles of range. The GBP1999 (US$3000) yogo has a 1500W motor, a top speed of 38 mph giving it the acceleration of a 100cc motorcycle, if not the top speed … and almost negligible running costs.

The yogo is available in two options:

(1) The first option is classified as a moped; the equivalent of a 50cc petrol engine moped with a 27mph capability. Owners who passed their driving test before February 2001 can drive this version without taking the CBT test, and no further qualifications are needed*. Restricted 1500W motor.

(2) The second option is the unrestricted 1500W motorcycle with a 38mph capability; the equivalent to a 100cc motorbike. Owners will need a CBT licence to drive this option.

The new yogo, is now available to buy online and the manufacturers hope it will become a major player in the United Kingdom's 50cc-100cc market which accounts for 45% of the 140,000 powered two-wheelers sold each year.

econogo™ offers bespoke options for the yogo with a selection of graded fabrics and colours for the seat and different paint color for bodywork which can be made to order, offering a totally unique vehicle. Alternatively, customers may wish to take stock items which are priced as standard and available in cream with a brown leather seat and matt black & silver.

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waow... that has been on chinese roads for years already, and costing just a fraction of the mentioned price
I reckon this is another deliberate spanner in the works for green transport. Why would they call it Eco - NO - Go ?
Silicon batteries? I\'ve never heard of them. Don\'t you mean lead-acid?