Spending a day lounging in a warm garden is absolute bliss. Until you have to rise from your seat to fetch a cold drink from the fridge. The eCool eliminates that inconvenience, providing a cool repository for your favorite tipple.

The eCool uses the centuries-old method of storing food and drink underground to stop it spoiling, but brings the concept right up to date. This is an earth cooler, which uses nothing but the natural lower temperature of the ground to cool your cans of drink.

The eCool stands 113 cm (44 in) tall and weighs 12 kg (26 lb). Most of its body lives permanently underground, where it stores up to 24 standard-size cans (330 ml in Europe, 12 oz in the US).

Installing the eCool is as easy as digging a deep hole, lowering the cooler into it, and then packing soil around its sides. A garden drill would seem the most obvious tool to use, but a shovel will suffice. Once installed, the eCool will remain in situ all year round.

The eCool uses no electricity whatsoever, with a hand crank used to move the cans down one side of its central shaft and up the other side. You lift the top of the eCool to either load or remove a can. While underground the loaded cans will stay free from frost and other extreme temperatures.

The creators of eCool claim the temperature of the beer will be pretty consistent wherever it sits inside the cooler. But how cool that actually is depends on the temperature of the ground in which it's buried, which will differ from country to country and from season to season.

The eCool is currently priced at US$349.

Source: eCool

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