Although the days of freedom are quickly counting down to the start of school sessions for many of us, it doesn't mean that fun in the sun has to end. With that in mind, Ecoxgear has just launched a series of rugged speakers designed to keep up and rock out.

The Ecoxgear Sol Jam, EcoCarbon, and Pebble Powerbank speakers each offer Bluetooth wireless and integrated power features within shock-resistant, IPX67 waterproof exteriors. The Sol Jam (not shown) is designed with integrated HD solar panels to charge the internal battery while also providing the means to power up external devices.

While the EcoCarbon and Pebble Powerbank don't provide the same energy self-sufficiency as the Sol Jam, they do pack internal batteries that can charge up mobile devices. The EcoCarbon is like the EcoStone's little sibling, offering similar features in a smaller form factor. The military-grade exterior protects against shock and impact, while the built-in handle makes it easier to carry or hang the speaker. And if the EcoCarbon happens to fall overboard, it floats for easy retrieval.

The Ecoxgear Pebble Powerbank takes a slightly different approach to utility. This Bluetooth wireless speaker is powered by a 10,000-mAh internal battery with dual-USB outputs that can meet the charging demands of a tablet. Not only do users get big, portable sound, but the Pebble Powerbank also features a 200-lumen LED flashlight on the other end. Just as with Ecoxgear's other products, this combination speaker, battery, and flashlight is waterproof and impact-resistant.

And for those who just want 2,600 mAh of extra power in the pocket, the Ecoxgear EcoCharge is rugged, waterproof, and portable. Ecoxgear plans to have the Sol Jam retail for US$150 when it launches later this year. The EcoCharge, Pebble Powerbank, and EcoCarbon will be available this September for $20, $100, and $130 respectively.

Source: Ecoxgear

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