Ecoxgear has just announced two new Bluetooth speakers for its new Ecosmart line, and one of them features a staggering 50 hours of battery life on a single charge. For those long outdoor parties, it's good to know that the music can keep going without having to stop and charge.

The first model announced by Ecoxgear is the Ecopebble Powerbank. This small speaker features a 10,000-mAh battery that puts out the 50 hours of life. As the powerbank in its name implies, it's also able to pass on some of its battery power to other devices such as smartphones.

Ecoxgear also announced the Ecosmart 4000 with a built-in solar panel. It only features 18 hours of battery life, but it makes up for the shorter life with solar power. The speaker here is also a little more substantial than that of the Ecopebble Powerbank, featuring two speaker drivers that should be able to output sound with a little bit more punch.

To go along with the two new Bluetooth speakers, the company has also announced a standalone solar panel that uses Bluetooth 4.0 to communicate charging status and energy patterns. The panel has a built-in battery, so it can be used to charge all kinds of devices. For campers or anyone who spends time outside, this means they can keep their phones and tablets charged without having to rely on outlets. And if that 50-hour battery life speaker runs out, the solar panel can charge it up, too.

Like all products released by Ecoxgear, these are waterproof, mud-proof and so on, so they can actually handle being outside without users worrying about them being destroyed by the elements.

The company did not announce prices or release dates for its new Ecosmart line of products, but it will be showing them off at CES 2015 where it will hopefully provide the rest of the details.

Source: Ecoxgear via Gizmodo