While retractable hardtops have the edge on their softtop siblings by virtue of reduced road and wind noise, improved insulation and aerodynamics, they lack the typical cabriolet look. EDAG is set to show a completely new type of roof system at the Geneva Motor Show which combines the advantages of a soft top and a retractable hardtop.

The system is based on today's retractable hardtop covered by a fabric top that is held in place by clamping rails, meaning that the joints on the roof of the vehicle are no longer visible, and therefore no longer relevant to the design. This means the roof can be designed to fold away easily and in perfect line with the wheel arch and takes up less space in a vehicle where storage is a rare commodity.

As the folding top fabric ensures that the roof is weatherproof, this does away completely with any need for complex seals between the roofing segments. Also, there is no longer any necessity for class A surfaces for the roof. Instead, the EDAG engineers plan to use lightweight materials for their roof concept, which, in conjunction with the lower number of seals needed, will reduce the overall weight.

This new concept is designed to bring the advantages of the two roof systems, offering comfort and storage space plus the classical cabriolet style.