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EDG multimedia business card hits the market

EDG multimedia business card hits the market
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November 27, 2008 Three years ago we wrote rather optimistically about the coming of the rCard, a US$25 multimedia business card (and promotional give-away and gaming device and …). Now there's a similar product that comes in three versions, each with different capabilities. It’s called EDG (pronounced edge) and will be initially marketed as is a digital video card that enables pharmaceutical firms to build and maintain relationships with their key audiences, but are lots of very useful ways to use the card in almost any business where making a first impression and delivering a high value message to create an important relationship.

We’re as optimistic about the prospects for the EDG as we were of the rCard and can see myriad uses it as it enables direct, powerful, custom interaction between businesses and their clients and prospects: one-time use promotional cards, VIP cards, club membership cards, product information cards, loyalty customer cards… are now digital to engage the end user. There are three versions of the EDG available – a standard version for short term, promotional use, the EDG Lightning for ongoing, content-changing use and the EDG Platinum for tracking transactions and activity use.

The EDG features an interactive screen, a USB port for data transfer, audio/video capabilities and controlled content. Pricing for the EDG varies depending on the specs and quantities involved and the company is quoting between US$17.50 and US$29.00 per unit.

It’s also small (it’s the size of a fat business card and fits in your wallet).

Finally, here’s the ideas page on the Jumplab web site – some great ideas and we can even see the possibility that we’ll be using it at Gizmag – there are many times when a businesscard needs to make an impact and giving someone a video-playing card could regularly be worth US$30 if it helps you bring home the bacon!

The Jumplab press release follows:

Headline: Wallet-Sized Digital Education Tool Hits the Market

Dallas, TX October 30, 2008, EDG (pronounced edge) is a digital video card that enables pharmaceutical firms to build and maintain an interactive relationship with physicians, promote brand products with pharmacists, and communicate product benefits to consumers.

Designed specifically to comply with the new Code on Interactions with Health Care Professionals, the EDG card meets all new regulations for delivering educational data. At only $17.50 to $29 a unit, EDG equips the pharmaceutical industry, forced to adhere to these new marketing codes, with an affordable and interactive delivery solution that captures the attention of busy physicians and their multi-tasking patients.

The product is engaging, innovative and simple to use. About the size of credit card, pharmaceutical companies simply load their custom medical and health audio/video or slide show text via a USB port where it can be viewed by the end user on a high-resolution LCD color screen. Unlike a PDA or MP3 player, the content on EDG cards is controlled and can only be changed by the pharmaceutical firm.The applications for this device are endless. EDG can be transformed into a digital product manual for pharmacists, a video tutorial showcasing the merits of a new drug to doctors, an educational slide show for patients, a medical device usage demo for industry sales reps, or a wellness club card handed out by physicians to patients.Jump Lab, the creator of EDG, understands the challenges that pharmaceutical manufacturers are facing as they seek more effective methods for applying the $57 billion spent annually on promoting products to physicians. EDG is easy to use and the LCD screen ensures instant delivery (no computer needed). EDG Lightning, another Jump Lab product, cultivates an interactive, business-building relationship between pharmaceutical firms’ physicians and patients by using a web-based, software-driven portal to continuously update the card content and track end user downloads.

The EDG products have been developed to provide smart solutions for the changing environment in pharmaceutical marketing. And, since the card’s code-adhering functions attract attention, engage the viewer, and maximize the educational experience, EDG will prove to be one of the most effective marketing solutions for 2009.

EDG has been developed and manufactured by Jump Lab, LLC, headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The company is led by a “swat team of specialists” – each with more than 20 years of experience in the sales, marketing, technology, and client service disciplines. Jump Lab was founded to develop technology-driven tools to solve business-building problems in the digital age.


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