Electric mobility is still taking baby steps in Europe, but some interesting developments did come out of the Italian motorbike expo EICMA earlier this month. Energica unveiled a new concept model and Goodyear launched two small scooters, though the big manufacturers appeared once again indifferent to battery-powered two-wheelers.

Following in the footsteps of Intermot, EICMA was once again all about the internal combustion engine. Still, interest on electric bikes is constantly growing, as evidenced by several European brands that displayed their e-bikes. On the other hand, with the exception of Piaggio and its electric Vespa concept, most major manufacturers simply continued to ignore electric mobility.

The big news from the electric motorcycle industry came from Energica with the unveiling the Esse Esse 9 concept. Much more important than the bike itself though is the fact that the Italian company seems to be growing at a steady pace year after year. Founded in 2014, it already has two sport motorcycles on the market – the superbike Ego and the streetfighter Eva – and keeps on growing its dealer network, which currently includes eight European countries, and has just branched out to San Francisco, USA.

Goodyear came to Milan, Italy, with two low-cost electric scooters made by its partner iTrike in Luxembourg. The Ego 1 is a small work horse, as the Ego 2 tilting three-wheeler will take on the tasks of commuting, with both models ready to market in Europe.

Numerous other manufacturers, like Aero, Armotia, Askoll, Electric Motion, Italjet, Klever, KRC, Nito, Niu, Tacita and Torrot displayed their electric-powered novelties at EICMA, helping form a new map of zero emission mobility that European cities really need.

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