Tuned Toyota Supra dragster hits 240 mph in 6 seconds, sets world record

Tuned Toyota Supra dragster hi...
The record-breaking Ekanoo Racing Outlaw Supra
The record-breaking Ekanoo Racing Outlaw Supra
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The record-breaking Ekanoo Racing Outlaw Supra
The record-breaking Ekanoo Racing Outlaw Supra

The Toyota Supra was no slouch in its time, but a newly-built drag racing version of the car has been taken to a new extreme. The Ekanoo Racing Outlaw Supra covered a quarter mile (0.4 km) in 6.05 seconds. The time was a New Import World Record in the Outlaw 6-Cylinder category.

The Supra has a rich heritage of innovative racing. The HV-R hybrid version of the car was the first hybrid to win a racing competition of any form, for example. The Outlaw, too, is a highly refined machine, albeit it in a very different way.

Driven by Gary White and tuned by the Ekanoo Racing team Shane T, Eric Luzinski, Haider Mohd and Josh Ledord, the 10.5 Supra features a Toyota 2JZ engine with a Precision Turbo. It also makes use of of a high performance Liberty Transmission.

White's run came during testing for the first round of the 2014/2015 Bahrain National Drag Racing Championship at the Bahrain International Circuit in Sakhir. It was only the fourth outing of the car, which hit a top speed of 240.8 mph (387.69 km/h) on its way down the track.

You can watch a video of the run below.

Source: Ekanoo Racing

EKANOORACING Outlaw Supra New Import World Record 6.05@ 240MPH (387KM)

Nic Wood
How can something be an "import world record"?
Obviously it's not an import record in Japan which I checked is still part of this world (just).
Michael Wilson
The sanctioning body (probably NHRA) is an american based organization, which is well outside the borders of Japan. Ergo, the Supra is an import.
This is a job well done to Ekanoo racing. I've seen some of their crazy setups before, but this trap speed is about 40mph faster than anything else i've seen running a setup like this. I wonder what their secret sauce is....
Michael Wilson
i'm building my own 2jz based vehicle, but it will probably only make about 1/2 the power this thing is making... Judging by the trap speed and ET, 1000hp is still more than enough lol