Electric inflatable watercraft - the Jetski for beginners

Electric inflatable watercraft...
Icontech Electric inflatable watercraft
Icontech Electric inflatable watercraft
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Icontech Electric inflatable watercraft
Icontech Electric inflatable watercraft
Icontech Electric inflatable watercraft
Icontech Electric inflatable watercraft
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August 21, 2007 Inflatable watercraft are now available for dozens of different recreational purposes, from basic loungers through to purpose-built inflatables that come in every imaginable size and shape. A new product from Icontech, the Electric Inflatable Watercraft, is a battery powered, sit-down jetski-like product, that has a maximum speed of 10kmh and is an affordable alternative for the beginner or novice water enthusiast.

The Electric inflatable watercraft takes just 10 minutes to assemble, without the use of any tools. Producers of the product maintain that the craft weighs only 30kg, with the battery included, and can support a total passenger weight of up to 150kg. The craft is powered by a 600 watt motor, which reaches speeds of up to 10kmh (based on a 50kg loading weight). This makes the Electric inflatable watercraft a safe recreational toy for use by the inexperienced and provides a good simulation for driving more powerful watercraft such as a jetski. The 36 volt battery can be charged off a normal AC power output and provides around one hour of continuous play.

The Icontech Electric inflatable watercraft is due to be released in late August and will retail for US$499. The unit deflates down to a manageable size for easy transport, and the complete package comes with standard AC charger, electric air pump, battery pack, and carry bag. The product design features have allowed for extra safety features, such as double air chambers preventing the watercraft from sinking, automatic power shutdown when throttle handle is released, full waterproof circuit protection and a high grade plastic housing covering the propeller blade for safe use around other people. Even though it is a toy, the Electric inflatable watercraft is good starting point for the beginner, and may help to prevent the number of accidents that have occurred from the use of the increasing range of powerful watercraft on the market today.

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