Though many of us watch music videos or listen to digital radio via the living room TV, it's probably not the first home entertainment device that springs to mind when considering music streaming. That's usually the domain of wireless speakers, smartphone apps and services like Spotify or Pandora. But premium service signups and associated costly tariffs, yet more logon details and passwords to remember, and regular app updates across different mobile platforms can be something of a turn off for many music lovers. London-based Electric Jukebox Company is now offering a less complicated way, one that's aimed at changing the way music is played at home forever by leveraging the goggle box as an audio entertainment hub for the family.

Electric Jukebox says that a study by YouGov on behalf of the company confirms that music streaming has so far failed to gain mass adoption, with 92 percent yet to subscribe to a streamed music service. Most music lovers reportedly still getting their daily hit from radio broadcasts and home hi-fi systems, and many of those polled found IDs and passwords annoying. Those who buy into the Electric Jukebox experience are promised stress-free use – with no monthly subscription fees, no registration required and no apps running on smart devices.

"We want to bring music back into people's living rooms,"said CEO Rob Lewis. "Rather than huddling around a laptop or smartphone to play music, or being forced to rely on old CDs and radio, we've created a music device that is simple and easy to use and which works straight out of the box."

The on-demand music streaming service is reported to put millions of CD-quality albums and singles within reach of TV-watching couch potatoes and is made up of two components. There's a thumbdrive-like dongle that's plugged into a vacant HDMI port at the back of a modern television, and there's a gesture-based remote controller with built-in microphone. The dongle connects over Wi-Fi to a home network and the service is claimed set up and ready to use within a couple of minutes.

Users are presented with three icons when the system is launched. From the homescreen they can voice search for online music, have a wander through exclusive Electric Jukebox music from global chart toppers and curated music channels and celebrity mixtapes from the likes of Sheryl Crow, Stephen Fry, Alesha Dixon and Robbie Williams, or build a playlist of treasured favorites.

The Electric Jukebox system went up for pre-order earlier today, priced at US$199 until October 21 and $229 thereafter. This includes a 12 month Premium Music Pass worth $60. Shipping is expected to start before the end of the year.

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