We've written about the electrically-powered Live Luggage system before (here and http://www.gizmag.com/new-lightweight-electrically-powered-suitcase-from-live-luggage/10814/), and the brand's latest offering looks even more useful - it's a powered triple bag sports luggage system designed for sports men and women on the move. The new 2012 Sports Bag is a multifunctional luggage system which includes a large weekend bag for heavy-duty items like ski boots, a multi-purpose rucksack and a large main case, which all zip together to create one powered unit.

Weight is a major consideration when flying these days, so Live Luggage designed the 2012 sports bag system so all three bags are detachable, with the weekend bag and rucksack meeting current dimensional requirements for hand luggage.

The spacious main bag is big enough for a whole holiday’s worth of sports wear and personal belongings. When attached to the main anti-gravity handle system using simple clips it can take heavy loads such as skis, baseball and cricket bats, hockey sticks, or several tennis rackets easily. There’s a rucksack with a padded internal pocket for hiding an MP3 player securely inside, with a port to the outside for the headphones.

The 2012 Sports Bag features high-technology powered wheels and a clever patented anti-gravity handle system with tilt switches and force sensors which took six years to develop. The result is luggage which feels as light as a feather, powers up when it senses gradients and curbs and takes all the weight and effort out of pulling. The electric motors in the wheels are powered by rechargeable batteries and deliver 1-1.5 miles per charge. Naturally, it includes a charger and multi-country adaptor.

The 2012 Sports Bag will be previewing at the Metro Ski and Snow Board Show at Olympia London from October 21-25 and will be priced at GBP£445. It will be available in two colors: black and white, or all-black with a yellow logo.

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