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Electrolux Chest Freezer eliminates frost

Electrolux Chest Freezer eliminates frost
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December 2, 2004 Consumers had their first glimpse of the modern marvel of freezers in the 1920s and 30s when the first electric refrigerators with ice cube compartments arrived on the US market. Mass production of modern refrigerators began after World War II and helped transform the home with a wave of electrical appliance connectivity. And now in 2004, Electrolux has unveiled a Frost Free Chest Freezer that offers a significant upgrade to existing freezer design.

Recent research from Electrolux shows that up to 50% of consumers identify defrosting as the biggest problem with owning a chest freezer - it's extremely inconvenient, time wasting and difficult.

The new chest freezer, ECS3070, from Electrolux solves this problem by removing the need to defrost completely. This means that you never have to defrost your freezer ever again, but also individually frozen items stay individual, no more prising apart mince pies or frozen peas on Christmas day. Plus its 'B' energy rating means its good for the environment and for your electricity bills too.

The Electrolux ECS3070 Frost Free Chest Freezer has an innovative ventilation system that allows for quicker and more even chilling, preserving food better than in a traditional chest freezer. The appliance maintains an even temperature throughout, so food items can be placed anywhere while retaining their nutritional value and taste.

There is even a fast freeze feature, which freezes food quickly when brought home from the shop, and it remembers to switch itself back to normal mode after 48 hours, so you don't have to.

Two "Easy Ice" containers are neatly positioned in the lid, so ice is easy to make and always to hand. Of course, since the chest freezer is frost free, this is the only ice you will find in it! Large practical freezer baskets keep things in order and allow for an efficient use of space while a centrally placed light ensures visibility throughout.

The Frost Free Chest Freezer has a specially designed balanced lid which is easily opened without effort and stays securely in place while adding or removing items. If, by accident, the lid is left open, a light and buzzer alert will indicate that the temperature is too high. The lid can also be locked, for added security.

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