For some, there's nothing like a cold beer after some strenuous physical activity. Rewarding it might be, but it's far from the healthiest way to quench a hard-earned thirst. But Sufferfest Beer Company has come up with a new brew it claims to be better than most, boasting the electrolytes of some typical sports drinks and a juicy superfood as the cherry on top.

The FKT (Fastest Known Time) Pale Ale is actually just one of a handful of beers offered by Sufferfest, a San Francisco-based company that focuses on brewing up health-oriented refreshments for beer-lovers with active lifestyles.

Its range includes low-gluten and low-carb beers, and one that incorporates bee pollen for extra vitamins and minerals. But the FKT Pale Ale might be the fruitiest of the lot, with blackcurrants onboard to offer a tangy aroma and four times the vitamin C of oranges per serving.

But the real benefits of the FKT Pale Ale can be found in the heavy dose of sodium within, 96 mg per can, to be exact. This should help with cell hydration and fend off cramping after a hike or run, and Sufferfest says it puts it on par with the electrolyte-replenishing properties of common sports drinks.

So will the health benefits be enough for dehydrated athletes to reach for an ice cold FKT instead of a Powerade or Gatorade? The latter of those does contain far more sodium per 100 ml, to be fair, but for some, the balance of nutrition and flavor might just be enough to get this fancy new brew across the line.

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