The Porsche 356 is practically priceless, and one of the most beautiful cars to ever hit the road, but it's also given life to an underground "Outlaw" movement for people keen to ride the slipstream of the legend. Emory has taken this aesthetic and applied it to the Outlaw Tracker Vintage e-bike, which will be built in limited numbers.

Channeling luxurious design in an e-bike is nothing new: there are plenty of designs that would look at home in mid-1900s France with their leather, metal and wood-heavy looks, but few take a theme and pull it off as successfully as the Outlaw. Maybe we shouldn't be surprised, given the companies involved. Emory Motorsports is one of the best-known tuners of the 356, with a back catalog full of tastefully chopped and dropped classics.

It's teamed up with Vintage Electric, a Californian bike-maker specializing in kitschy electric bikes. Once again, the catalog is full of brilliantly executed tributes to classic scramblers and beach cruisers, complete with electric power. Combined, the two teams have done a great job paying tribute to an automotive legend.

Just 50 examples will be hand built from lightweight aluminum, finished in a stunning shade of Carrera Silver. The frame might look classic, but it's been put together using modern hydroforming processes, apparently chosen for their blend of performance, lightness and longevity. Meanwhile, the handlebars are made of stainless steel, and the saddle is trimmed in high-quality British leather. You'd expect nothing less of a classic Porsche, right?

Speaking of classic Porsche cues, all the (slightly unnecessary) extra styling touches on the bike have been inspired by, you guessed it, the 356. The round bucket headlight is trimmed with a Le Mans style mesh grille, and the integrated slimline brake light is also a subtle nod to the slim units on classic Speedsters. All the wiring is neatly concealed within the frame, with power for all the ancillary units comes from the main 702-Wh battery, which can be recharged in around two hours from a regular wall socket.

Housed in a heat-dissipating aluminum case, the battery is good for 35 miles (56 km) on a single charge. The three-phase electric motor offers aggressive regenerative braking, to the point where a computer has been fitted to prevent braking lockups while drawing power back into the battery. The rear-hub motor is good for a top speed of 36 mph (58 km/h) in its most aggressive Race Mode, but anyone hoping to use the bike on the road will need to slot it into Standard Mode, with its US and EU compliant 20 mph (32 km/h) peak.

Just 50 examples of the Emory Outlaw Tracker Vintage will be built, with prices starting at around US$7,000 – like most other Porsche classics, this is for the well-heeled rider only. You can check out the bike in the video below. Alternatively, if you're a car fan, just gawp at the 356 running alongside it – it's utterly gorgeous.

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