Emue Technologies has unveiled the next generation of its anti-fraud credit card. The device combines a world first embedded 14-segment E Ink display with a 12-button numeric keypad, microprocessor and, despite being the same size as a conventional card, a battery designed to last for three years.

To authenticate a phone or online transaction, the user enters the transaction information and their PIN with the keypad to generate a one-time-only authentication code that appears on the E-Ink display.

The company has also developed the first Authentication Application for the iPhone along with Java-based mobile applets.

Visa announced earlier this year that it was testing the company's embedded authentication technology in an effort to combat card-not-present (CNP) fraud and the companies have been working closely together over the past 18 months to develop the Visa CodeSure solution which is currently being piloted by banks in the UK, Switzerland, Italy and Israel.

The latest version is being shown on the Visa Europe stand at the Cartes Digital Security and Smart Technologies Expo in Paris this week.

(Disclosure: Gizmag's Editor Noel McKeegan is the brother of Emue Technologies CEO Brendan McKeegan, but Gizmag.com has no commercial association with the company).

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