May 26, 2009 Whether you need a flashlight that can withstand the rigors of the battlefield or if you’re just a bit clumsy, Energizer's second generation Hard Case Tactical rugged flashlight could be the answer. Featuring military-grade construction, the Hard Case Tactical 2AA flashlight is designed to withstand a 15 foot (4.5m) drop and immersion in water. The swiveling head allows you to position the light where you need it and the flat base accommodates hands-free operation.

Designed based on feedback from military, law-enforcement, and first responder personnel in the field, the flashlight uses a Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens to provide light output of up to 70 lumens from a single white LED. In addition, the Hard Case Tactical light provides four types of night vision assistance by way of separate red, green, blue, and infrared (IR) LEDs. The unit provides six light modes overall:

  • Bright white LED (70 lumens)
  • Red LED: Helps preserve your night vision and maintains light discipline (reduction of light output) in combat situations
  • Green LED: Helps to preserve night vision for map reading, etc, and is generally preferred by pilots
  • Blue LED: Preserves night vision, and is useful in medical applications (for example, viewing blood)
  • IR light: For use with IR night-vision goggles or other devices
  • IR strobe: For Identify Friend or Foe (IFF) capability

Each LED features a selectable high/medium/low switch. The flashlight also features an IR-and-lockout mode to prevent the other light sources from operating while you are using the IR light.

As its name implies, the Hard Case Tactical 2AA light runs on two AA batteries. In a pinch, it will still operate on a single battery (light output is reduced).

The Energizer Hard Case Tactical 2AA Second Generation Handheld Light is 5.6in (14.2cm) long, 2.2in (5.6cm) wide at the top, 1.5in (3.8cm) wide at the handle, and weighs: 0.6lbs (0.3kg). The unit is available now for USD$125.

Alan Brandon

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