March 4, 2008 Creating more artificial light than we actually need is a significant contributor to energy waste in the home. The solution - dim the lights. In the case of the Wireless Dimmer from Control4 this is achieved automatically as the device uses ambient light sensors to adjust brightness to an optimum level.

The Dimmer uses wireless ZigBee (802.15.4) mesh networking and can be operated from any touch screen, keypad or remote. Its screw-less faceplate can replace existing switches with no new wires required. The customizable LED lights that can be changed to match your decor and the Wireless Dimmer is also an effective way to quickly change the mood and ambiance of a room, with the option of programming random lighting patterns for extra security while you are away.

Pre-programmed and promising plug and play installation, the Wireless Dimmer can be installed into new houses or retrofitted into old houses without the need to rip the plaster off the walls.

Control4 estimate that that energy from lighting use accounts for 20% of all household electricity consumption, and 50% of that is wasted with inefficient light sources or in unoccupied rooms. Dmming lights by 25% reduces electricity consumption by 20% and quadruples the life of your bulbs.

The Control4 Wireless Dimmers come in white, black or almond to suit your home color scheme and retail for USD$99 per unit or $965 for a pack of 10.