When is an eBook reader not merely an eBook reader? When it’s an enTourage eDGE reader. Unveiled this week at CES the clamshell designed reader is billed as the world’s first dualbook, with a 9.7” black and white E-ink screen on the one side and 10.1” LCD color touchscreen on the other. Along with 4GB of internal memory and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability, the unit functions as a mini-netbook, notepad and audio/video recorder.

The dual displays of the enTourage eDGe reader can be flipped to be used tablet style, and the included stylus enables the user to not only scribble notes in the margin of the E-ink side but also to highlight text to send to an index. The LCD side runs on Android software, and features a large onscreen USB keyboard, as well as the option of an external USB or Bluetooth keyboard.

Measuring around 1” when closed and weighing a fairly hefty 3lbs., the eDGE reader features 4GB of internal memory, expandable through an SD slot and twin USB ports, as well as ePub and PDF support. While the unit doesn’t have 3G capability, this is expected to be included in future models.

As well as an internal microphone and speakers, the eDGE also has audio / video input and output by way of a 3.5mm headphone and microphone jack. Several media playback features are included, such as being able to launch a link from the eBook screen that can be played on the LCD side.

With a slant towards aiming the eDGe eBook at students, enTourage is expected to initially release the reader in February in North America for US$490 with an international release to follow.

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