Epson "supertank" printers come with up to 2 years worth of ink

Epson "supertank" printers com...
Epson's EcoTank WorkForce Pro model comes with ink for 20,000 black and color pages
Epson's EcoTank WorkForce Pro model comes with ink for 20,000 black and color pages
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Epson's EcoTank WorkForce Pro model comes with ink for 20,000 black and color pages
Epson's EcoTank WorkForce Pro model comes with ink for 20,000 black and color pages
Epson's first 5 EcoTank printers
Epson's first 5 EcoTank printers

Epson has a new line of printers designed to tackle one of the most irritating aspects of printing – the need to change ink cartridges, often at the most inconvenient times. On Tuesday, the company unveiled a line of five new "supertank" all-in-one color printers with large ink reservoirs that can go up to two years without needing replacement.

Epson claims that the ink reservoirs included in its new "EcoTank" line are equivalent to about 20 or more sets of conventional ink cartridges. Replacement ink will be available for as low as US$12.99 per bottle or $52 for a set of cyan, magenta, yellow and black ink bottles.

The five new EcoTank all-in-ones include two new "Expression" models designed for home use that come with enough ink to print up to 4,000 black ink and 6,500 color pages. Epson also has three new WorkForce EcoTank models meant for home office or small business, including a WorkForce Pro printer with enough ink to print 20,000 black and 20,000 color pages.

The new ink-loaded printers start at $379 for a low-end Expression EcoTank model and run up to $1,199 for the WorkForce Pro model. All five will be available in September both in stores and online via Amazon and other outlets.

Check out an overview of the new EcoTanks in the promotional video below.

Source: Epson

Unless they've solved the problem of ink drying out, this will only be of interest to people who print a lot.
So for years we've been told that the quantity of ink in the tanks was approximately the duration of the print nozzle's useful life (which is why you replace the print heads wth the tanks, and why those cartridges cost more than diamonds)... was this all BS or have they solved this? And if they have solved it, why are the print heads still part of the replacement tank?
My C series epson would never run out of ink either... Mostly, because the logic board would die long before the first tanks of ink were used up. After 3 in a row dying the same way I said to hell with epson printers.
@BrandonBaynanaphone. That's bad luck. I have had Epson photo printers for about 25 years and the problem is that they won't die. Every eight years or so I need to upgrade to get the latest features and have to throw out a perfectly good printer (or give it to someone). In my experience they are fantastic.
Every Epson I've ever owned has suffered from dry print heads and had to be destroyed as they are way too expensive to replace.
It looks like Epson is trying to compete with the third party CISS systems that have been available. Although Epson still is charging too much for their ink for their new system. I got a CSS off of ebay that had the LARGE reservoirs filled plus had large refill bottles for these reservoirs. The total total cost was 40.00 - and mine was one of the more expensive ones. Next time I need ink (maybe a couple years), I will order more of the bottles which are currently priced at 14.00 for the SET of them. I now print everything and anything I want without worry of cost.
The problem, however, is not the ink. If all your hardware lasts, the printers are designed to quit working after an internal counter reaches a certain number. There is also a large "sponge" in the bottom of printers that absorbs and keeps ink from when the cartridges are turned on and put a bit of ink through them to get them ready for printing. When the sponge fills, the printer also will tell you it is broken.
Kevin Ritchey
I believe we might finally be renewing the printer wars of old and it couldn't happen too soon for me. Any ink that costs more than AB negative blood should be outlawed.