Perhaps due to the fact that the challenge of designing viable tiny homes pushes architects to come up with creative space-saving solutions, the tiny house movement is bursting with great ideas. The latest such dwelling to come to our attention, dubbed ESCAPE, is a 37 sq m (400 sq ft) home that boasts a handsome design, lots of customizable options (including operating completely off-grid), and legal status as an RV.

ESCAPE is envisioned as a vacation cabin, first home, or rental property, and is pretty well-stocked for small living. The interior contains a main living area, bathroom and separate toilet, bedroom, and a small kitchen area. Each of the rooms can also be customized with a range of options, which include a steam shower, air conditioning, and dishwasher. The porch can also be converted into a semi-outdoor multi-function space.

Owing to its legal status as an RV – or Park Model RV to be precise – ESCAPE is mounted on an RV chassis and wheels, so doesn't need proper foundations, nor is it subject to the same taxes and planning laws as a permanent structure. Just to be clear though, it's not a motorized RV and contains no engine, so you're not going to be driving this thing down the road. It also requires a moving truck to be transported, like a mobile home, and can't simply be towed with a decent-sized car like the OTIS.

There's not a lot of additional space to play with given its size, but judging from the photos, ESCAPE doesn't fall into the familiar trap of resembling an oversized shed. Indeed, the design owes more than a little to Frank Lloyd Wright (who the designers cite as an influence), and the pleasingly rural appearance is achieved thanks to finishing touches like wooden window frames, hardwood floors, cedar wood siding, and large overhangs.

The home is said to be very efficient to heat, and sports a tight (though not totally air-tight) envelope. Though there are no efficiency figures available, the ESCAPE company website states that its sealed combustion gas fireplace is adequate to handle the worst of Wisconsin's winter weather. On the all-important storage front, there's a large closet and built-in armoire, bedroom drawers, and cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom.

ESCAPE is available for purchase now, and comes already built. It will set you back a minimum of US$79,000, depending on options. A company rep informed Gizmag that potential buyers are encouraged to view the house in person – more details via the source link below.

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