These days, the capabilities of the humble shovel don't necessarily need to end with digging holes. Over the past few years we've seen crafty gearmakers work all kinds of complimentary bits and pieces into the typical shovel design, ranging from fishing lines to matches to flashlights and many things in between. The latest comes from EST Gear and packs an impressive 18 tools into one, and can be taken apart and packed neatly into a pouch for easy carry into the wilderness.

Currently the subject of an Indiegogo campaign, the EST Shovel is an adventure tool that is, first and foremost, a shovel, with a carbon steel spade and military-grade aluminum handle to lighten the load. It features a serrated edge along one side of the blade to help take on tougher materials and a foam grip for easier handling.

The shovel includes a further 17 tools in all, and here is the complete list: an axe, knife, spear, bottle opener, fire starter, wire-cutter, trowel, hexagon wrenches, nail puller, pick, ruler, hook, waterproof storage, screw driver, whistle, compass and rope cutter.

This is an impressive array of functionality, particularly considering the EST Shovel weighs a very manageable 2.5 lb (1.1 kg). Further adding to the portability of this versatile multi-tool is the modular form. This means the shovel can be pulled apart and individual tools used as needed, but also that they can be slipped into a purpose-built carry pouch for transport.

EST Gear is offering the EST Shovel for early Indiegogo pledges of US$59, which includes the carry pouch. If the campaign runs as planned, it hopes to begin shipping in June. You can check out the pitch video below.

Source: EST Gear

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