Most water lovers would be happy to own a single boat, but in order to enjoy the many activities of the sea – fishing, water skiing, pleasure touring, etc. – they'd need an entire fleet ... or they'd need the all-new Ethos E30 from Milano's Azure Embark. Billed as the "first hybrid crossover boat," this innovative vessel uses a modular design to transform for all kinds of purposes.

The E30 is one of our favorites from the recent Boot Dusseldorf show. Like the Superiore Uno, the boat benefited from a can't-miss location right next to a walkway adjoining two halls. Unlike the Uno, it didn't require a bright orange paint job to get our attention – its matte-gray composite hull and posters proclaiming its advantages grabbed our eyes from across the way.

When we arrived at the Ethos E30 booth what we found was a more flexible, versatile boating platform than we'd seen around the rest of the show. Azure Embark lists pleasure boating, tourism, fishing, water sport and diving among the uses that the boat is designed for.

The E30's modularity is underpinned by deck walls with integrated cubbies that serve to mount equipment. The walls include water and electrical hook-ups every 44 cm (17 in), allowing the owner to install, adjust and re-install equipment, including electrical appliances and water fixtures, in different configurations.

In practice, what the modular design means is that the empty deck shown above can be filled with near-infinite layouts of seats, cabinets, kitchen equipment, or other gear. So, for a relaxing Friday night dinner date on the water, the captain can affix a couch, kitchen and dining table. Then, he or she can replace those with a fishing layout for a Saturday of deep-sea casting, and a water skiing layout for an outing with the kids on Sunday.

The E30's cabin adds a little extra multi-use versatility. The boat quickly transforms from closed to open cabin by way of walls that come out at the twist of a screwdriver. Depending upon the weather and daily mission, the boat lets the breeze and sunlight in with an open cockpit, or bunkers down with a fully closed cabin accessible by a rear deck door. The door can also be left off, creating a semi-open cabin.

In terms of its underlying construction, the 31-foot (9.5-m) Ethos E30 is based atop a composite, V-shaped hull. Its bow cabin and aft deck are made from sandwiched composite with structural stiffening cross members and closed cell foam. Standard power comes from a 170-hp Hyundai diesel engine, and a 250-hp diesel and hybrid powertrain with 13-kW motor are available as options, as is a roof-mounted solar panel system.

Inside the walls (or not) of the cabin, an available 23-in touchscreen-based "boat autonomy control" provides control and monitoring of navigation, engine output, and boat systems like lights and pumps. QR codes etched onto various parts of the boat allow the captain to pull up information instantly on his or her smartphone.

The Ethos E30 launched last September and starts at €128,500 (US$175,100) for the Open, which comes without the cabin walls, or €148,500 ($202,400) for the closed Cabin model with walls. Standard equipment includes a bathroom with toilet, sink and shower, two beds and a bow sun lounge. Azure Embark offers many modular options, including various benches, tables, storage cabinets, refrigerators and entertainment equipment.

The video below illustrates how the boat transforms through its modular design.

Source: Ethos E30

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