October 15, 2008 Evergreen Solar has introduced a new line of solar panels manufactured using its String Ribbon(TM) technique which offer several consumer friendly design innovations as well as being the most powerful products the company has ever produced.

This ES-A series of 200, 205 and 210 W solar panels have a -0, +5W power specification, a high CEC approved rating of 90.4% PTC/STC* and industry leading power tolerance according to Evergreen Solar.

The design aims for improved installation by incorporating new extended length cables to eliminate home-run wiring and clickable connectors to make connections between panels quick and reliable.

The low-cost and low-waste Solar Ribbon technique used to make the panels relies on surface tension to make thin film silicon. The process involves two heat-resistant wires pulled vertically through a silicon melt which then solidifies between the strings, resulting in virtually no wasted silicon. To round out the environmental credentials, the new ES-A series also uses 100% cardboard-free packaging to minimize job site waste and disposal costs.

*PTC/STC (CEC vs factory) ratings: these rating have been developed because solar cell output power depends on multiple factors. STC (Standard Test Conditions) are indoor factory test conditions - 1,000 watts per square meter solar irradiance, 1.5 Air Mass and 25 degrees C. cell temperature. PTC (PV USA Test Conditions) were developed at the PV USA test site at Davis, California to measure real world conditions. PTC are 1,000 watts per square meter solar irradiance, 1.5 Air Mass, and 20 degrees C. ambient temperature at 10 meters above ground level and wind speed of 1 meter per second. (See Solarsolar)

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