What if you could infuse fighter pilot display technology into your real-world cycling experience? Israeli defense contractor Elbit Systems created Everysight Raptor smart glasses to do just that. The company is now seeking "test pilots" to provide feedback on the glasses during their final stage of development.

Wear these smart glasses during a ride, and pertinent information flashes before your eyes in transparent high-definition. See turn-by-turn navigation as well as workout metrics like time, distance, speed, heart rate, cadence and power. There's also an integrated camera for capturing HD point-of-view video, and the ability to make phone calls and listen to music through a speaker in the glasses' frames. Meanwhile, you can maintain full attention to your ride and the road without straining your eyes or losing inertia.

Everysight harnesses an already essential piece of a cycling kit (glasses) and turns it into a smart ride-enhancing experience. But unlike similar products, the Raptor smartglasses do so without invasive side-mounted projectors that could impede the wearer's field of vision. Based on product shots, the specs themselves look very much like any pair of cycling glasses, designed to be lightweight, sleek and easy to use.

The glasses can be controlled through voice command, a touch pad located on the Raptor's temples, or a handlebar-mounted controller. External sensors capture the full set of metrics, and this recorded data syncs with the companion mobile app (available for both Android and iOS). Ride info can then be shared via social media or with other fitness apps.

Raptor AR glasses are now entering the final development stage; Everysight is currently seeking early adopters AKA "test pilots" to provide valuable product feedback. More information, including test pilot sign-up, is available on the Everysight website.

For more info, check out the promo video below.

Product page: Everysight

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