Whether you're pedaling hundreds of miles across the wilderness or just to the corner store, one thing that can really throw you off is a set of large, heavy, rattling bike bags. Evoc approaches the problem with common-sense design: thinning and sleeking its new packs and securing them to the bike via Boa dials. The result appears to be a stable, centered way of carrying gear on two wheels.

"How is riding a loaded bike through the forest for two days anyone's idea of fun?" New Atlas' Nick Lavars pondered before embarking on a pedal-powered adventure in Southern Australia.

And anyone who's seen a bikepacking rig with massive packs and panniers protruding inches and feet off every bicycle edge has probably posed a very similar question, something like, "What's enjoyable about taking the longest bike trip of your life on a heavy, overloaded, off-balance bike?"

Evoc hopes to get a new generation of bikepackers and two-wheel adventurers skipping right over that question with its Spring/Summer 2020 bikepacking bag lineup. The bags fill in much of the free space around the bike while remaining compact, secure and centered enough to hopefully not mess too heavily with the bike's dynamics and handling.

While other companies think that mounts and modularity are the ticket, Evoc believes in Boa, introducing waterproof handlebar and saddle packs that secure in place at the twist of a Boa dial.

The Handlebar Pack Boa clips to the bar via dual center clamps, relying on the Boa dial to tighten it up securely so there's no jounce or rattle during the ride. The tubular bag includes rollable snap closures at each end, allowing the rider to expand and retract it around different loads and access contents from either side.

The Seat Pack Boa attaches to both the seat post and saddle frame, securing snugly with the Boa dial. It features a rollable end closure to fit the load neatly and is designed to work with dropper and aero seat posts, as well as standard seat posts.

Evoc's 2020 Top Tube and Multi Frame packs don't include Boa closures, instead going with multiple Velcro fastener loops. The Top Tube Pack wraps around both the stem and top tube, while the Multi Frame Pack is made to attach to multiple tubes inside the frame. The Multi Frame's Velcro fasteners can adjust to the individual frame's geometry by threading through the different webbing slots placed around the pack perimeter.

Both the Top Tube and Multi Frame packs have rubberized frame protectors to prevent scratching of the bike and abrasion-resistant, water-repellent construction to hold up to the elements. Evoc has equipped the Top Tube bag with a cable opening, allowing it to hold a power bank and charge the bike computer during the ride.

Evoc's 2020 packs will hit the market in multiple sizes this fall (Northern Hemisphere). The Handlebar Boa will start at US$130, the Seat Boa at $110, the Top Tube Pack at $40 and the Multi Frame Pack at $45. Weight ranges from 2.6 oz (75 g) for the single-size Top Tube Pack to 9.2 oz (260 g) for the large Handlebar Pack.

Source: Evoc

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