If you're looking at temporarily converting your standard bicycle into an e-bike, there are now several makes of powered front wheels to choose from. You might want to hold off on making your choice, though, as the crowdfunding campaign for yet another one – the EvoWheel – is starting this week.

Like most of its competitors, the EvoWheel is simply a motorized wheel that replaces a bike's regular front wheel (in a claimed 30 seconds). When the rider pedals, the wheel's motor automatically kicks in and provides some electrical assistance – there is no pure throttle mode, which most users probably wouldn't want anyway.

There are, however, several electric-assist modes from which to choose, depending on how much of a boost is desired. Users can select between these using an iOS/Android app on their smartphone – which also provides data such as current speed and battery life – or via an included handlebar-mounted Bluetooth remote.

Plans call for the EvoWheel to be made in a wide variety of wheel sizes, and to be compatible with either rim or disc brakes. All versions will have a 250W motor, although there will be three different battery capacities – depending on which one is chosen, a single one- to three-hour charge will be good for a claimed 30 to 90 km (18 to 54 miles) of use, with the weight of the wheel ranging from 6.5 to 7.5 kg (14 to 16 lb).

The top motor-assisted speed is an electronically-limited 33 km/h (20 mph) in North America, and 25 km/h (15 mph) for units heading to Europe.

Should you be interested in getting an EvoWheel, the Indiegogo campaign starts this Tuesday, and will be accessible via the link below. Pledges will range from US$299 to $449 for the three models, with retail pricing planned to range from $699 to $899. Assuming all goes according to plan, shipping is estimated for June.

Source: EvoWheel

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