ExerSwim offers lapless swimming at any speed

ExerSwim offers lapless swimming at any speed
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May 12, 2007 If your pool is small enough to annoyingly break your rhythm with tumble turns every ten seconds, the ExerSwim Portable Swim Current Generator might be an ideal addition to your fitness regime. The innovative aquatic exercise machine makes nearly any pool endless with its smooth, wide, and variable current, providing lapless swimming for seniors through to professional athletes. The system uses a unique propeller design to create a wide, deep current for a natural swimming experience. The speed is fully adjustable by turning the dial to a “swim number,” offering a range from traditional swimming, through jogging or walking in place, to light hydra-therapy exercise. The portable poolside generator is designed specifically to travel, install, and store in minutes with minimal space requirements.

Both the CrossTrainer 24 and more powerful ProTrainer 36 models measure approximately three-feet high by two-feet wide. Each is self-contained and solidly constructed with marine-grade, submersible, and corrosion-resistant parts, and rechargeable, low voltage batteries that provide several hours of enjoyment and recharge quickly using a standard electrical outlet.

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