Seems not even babies are safe from the advances in wearable technology. Nowadays, unborn children can tweet or listen to music and fully-fledged infants can wear a suit that changes color when they have a fever. The latest wearable concept is the Exmobaby sleep suit – a baby garment designed to monitor a baby’s heart rate, emotional state and activity level and to wirelessly relay the information to a cell phone or PC.

The Exmobaby onesie or pajama will be made from a patented washable conductive biosensor textile that will come with a rechargeable wireless transceiver. The transceiver will snap into a pouch in the suit. Parents will be able to see icons indicating their baby’s heartbeat, emotional state and behavior on their cell phone or PC. The transceiver will use the Zigbee wireless standard which reportedly requires lower data rate, longer battery life and network security and is compatible with a wide range of USB and mini SD-slot dongle devices, such as cell phones.

The Exmobaby is being produced by Exmovere Holdings, a biomedical engineering company. A limited edition marketing campaign will begin in early 2011 when 1,000 Exmobaby pajama kits, available in blue or pink, will be released to select buyers from a waiting list. The kits will include an Exmobaby garment set, a Zigbee transceiver, PC and cell phone monitoring software and six months of online service.

For parents who need some reassurance that all’s well with their little one, the Exmobaby may one day provide a solution … but will it really be able to analyze a baby’s emotional state?