While experts may disagree on when a fetus first hears sounds, they tend to agree that listening to music is beneficial for both mother and child. Music is not only soothing, some experts believe that it is facilitates development of some early behaviors and could play a part in future musical ability and intellectual development. Stretching a pair of headphones over an ever-increasing belly can be a little challenging - so if you think you are housing a budding child genius - or music critic - the Ritmo could be just what you need. It’s a soft and stretchable fabric belt that attaches to your MP3 player and provides listening pleasure for both you and your little one.

Like the Lullabelly belt we featured last year, the Ritmo has a controlled level of sound so your baby’s tiny ears are protected. It is made of lightweight, washable spandex material that stretches as your belly expands and features four-speaker surround sound - so no matter what position baby is - the music will be able to be heard.

The pockets on the sides are designed to hold the audio controller and an MP3 player, iPod or Blackberry giving you hands-free freedom. The rechargeable battery will last for about five hours in the prenatal setting. There are also some soon-to-be released accessories which will also allow you to use the player after your baby is born - in the stroller, crib or as a toy.

The Ritmo contains the prenatal audio belt, audio controller, instruction manual two mini speaker sets and a charger. Also included are a belt extender, audio connector cable and a washable protective pouch. It is manufactured by Nuvo Group, Inc and is currently available from the website for US$129.99 with free shipping within the contiguous U.S.A.

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