There are various opinions about when a developing fetus can first hear sounds, with ages ranging from as early as 16 weeks to as late as 28 weeks. Just what they can actually hear is also a subject of debate – will it really matter if you play classical music or classic rock to your unborn child? Regardless of the facts, Moms the world over have been playing music to their little ones for eons. The Lullabelly prenatal music belt is designed to make this a comfortable and simple task, providing a soft material belt that encircles the belly and plugs into your music maker.

To use the Lullabelly, you wrap it around your waist with the in-built speaker facing your womb. The belt can then be secured behind the back or in front using the adjustable straps. The large front pocket contains the volume control dial and the audio plug which is attached to your music player. It's also handy for housing your music player when you're all plugged in. You can listen in too, as the package includes a dual adapter and earphones.

To protect your baby’s delicate ears, the Lullabelly speaker will go no higher than a decibel level of a normal conversation or telephone dial tone - 60 to 80 decibels - and the volume control dial also allows you to control the volume. It can be used with MP3 players, CD players or phones.

The belt is adjustable up to 52 inches in diameter and an extension strap that adds another 18 inches can be provided for the cost of shipping. Lullabelly is soft and lightweight and is machine washable – just remember to take out the speaker before it goes into the wash!

The Lullabelly comes in pink, green or blue polka dot and can be purchased from Lullabelly for US$55. But there’s no guarantee that your baby is always going to love Hendrix as much as you do!

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