If you run a bicycle-share co-op that extolls the virtues of a car-free lifestyle, then you might feel like a bit of a hypocrite on the odd occasion that you have to use a car or truck to transport multiple riderless bikes. Well, the Exozox is here to help, as it lets you tow a couple of bikes behind your own.

Invented by Polish entrepreneur Tomasz Nigot, the device consists of two main parts.

At the center of everything is a traditional-looking tubular-framed rear rack – it stays on the bike full-time, and can be used just like any other rack when not in bike-carrying mode. Once it's time to get towing, though, a second section is quickly fastened to it. This bit incorporates two front-wheel-holders, one to either side of the towing bike's rear wheel.

Users simply slot the front wheels of the two bikes-to-be-towed into those holders, then run a bungee cord from each of the holders around the back of the towed bikes' head tubes. They then just start riding, with the bikes following along behind them. When loading and unloading, a kickstand at the back of the carrier keeps the host bike from falling over.

The Exozox is claimed to accommodate any bike with a front wheel ranging from 26 to 29 inches in diameter – fatbikes excluded, presumably – and can be purchased now for €800 (about US$912) via the link below. It's demonstrated in a video posted on its Facebook page.

A simpler version that just tows one bike is also available.

Source: Exozox

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